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Cosatto Easi Peasi Changer


Product Code: Cosatto Easi Peasi Changer
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* Design:

Make changing and bathing easy peasy with our baby changing unit magic. Storage saviours and lock – wheel washing wonders get little ones squeaky clean with ease. A bright squidgy topped baby changing unit with a secret bath and handy drainage tube is another lifesaver and backsaver. Baby walkers, a multi-faceted travel cot and baby bouncers that rock, phew - talk about clever Cosatto solutions.


  • Practical and easy to use, there’s no need to lug heavy bath water around, thanks to handy drainage to minimise foamy floods
  • Comfy padded changing mattress 
  • Concealed bath with practical drainage tube 
  • Loads of storage trays underneath for towels, nappies and other stuff 
  • Handy storage bag 
  • Lockable castors

Weight & Size

  • Assembled Size: H: 103cm W: 60cm  D: 83cm
  • Weight: 11.8kg
  • Complies with BS EN 12221:2008
  • Suitable to 15kg

Changing Time Comfort

As Easi Peasi is comfortable for both parent and baby, changing need no longer be a chore. Little one can have a chilled-out change on the squidgy padded mattress. Parents don’t need to struggle with no spare hands, as everything is to hand. While Easi-Peasi brings stylish bath time brilliance, it is also a one-stop storage station that gives you control over movement and soap suds.

Practical and Easy to Use

No need to lug a heavy sloshing bath around. Easi Peasi has a cute concealed bath with a handy drainage tube to minimise foamy floods. Easi Peasi has strategically placed features for easy bathing. It keeps all your kit in one place, and is user-friendly. It is the ideal height for handling little one minimising back bending. It takes the strain so you don’t have to.

Stash all baby’s bits, bobs, lotions, potions and toys in handy compartments. Little one can have favourite bath time buddies to hand. Easi Peasi has handy trays for neat nappies and tidy towels. With lockable castors Easi Peasi is a modern mobile changer for sturdy splashing. In smooth moulded plastic with a wipe-clean mattress, Easi-Peasi is totally waterproof and a doddle to clean.

Easi Peasi stays put. Its lockable castors hold it firm where you want it then free when it’s time to move. The mattress has raised sides to minimise rolling. However, never leave little one unattended.

With soft curves and retro styling, Easi-Peasi comes in two eye-popping patterns: Return of the Zutons and Ducks in a Row. These splendid splashers compete for the crazy crown. Which will you choose?

Ducks in a Row

Cor, love a duck. Your duckling will go quackers over this fresh yellow and white wonder. Keep all your ducks in a row and bits and bobs tidy with this storage savvy smoothie that wheels not waddles. This is bathtime bubbly bliss for baby beakies.

Return of the Zutons

They came from outer space and they’re back. This time they’re bigger and bolder. Those cheeky Zutons have zoomed onto a fresh layer of bathtime squidge that hides the secret space bath. You loved our iconic faded molecular motifs and we thought more is more so we printed a close-up encounter with the Zuton kind.

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